Manipulation of Advertising since childhood to prepare ourselves as consumers

Manipulation of Advertising since childhood to prepare ourselves as consumers

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Consumerism can refer both to the accumulation, purchase or consumption of goods and services considered superfluous and to the political and economic system that promotes the competitive acquisition of wealth as a sign of status and prestige within a social group. Large-scale consumption in contemporary society seriously compromises natural resources and ecological balance.
Consumerism, understood as outrageous acquisition, idealizes its effects and consequences associating its practice with obtaining personal satisfaction and even personal happiness ( ...).
I buy, therefore I exist, replacing I think, therefore I exist. It is that need that some have to constantly change their mobile phones, for fear of losing social status, to be less than their peers. It is what forces thousands of people to queue in front of stores to buy, for example, an iPhone. It is that blindness, that compulsion, that forces us to buy something before asking ourselves if we really need it.
The worst of the case is that it has been shown that happiness cannot be bought. Wealthy societies, prey to consumerism, are those that, statistically, register the highest cases of depression, alcoholism, crime, anxiety, obesity, and suicides. They already say it in the movie Fight Club: "Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate to buy things we don't need." And that companies know, which is why planned obsolescence (…) is the rule (…).

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