Los Cristianos and the Environment

Los Cristianos and the Environment

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By Ricardo Quiñones Aranda

When European sailors arrived on the shores of our indigenous America between the 15th and 17th centuries, they found crystal clear and healthy sources of water in rivers, lakes and seas; the fields were fertile, the multiple fruits of the earth met the nutritional needs of the population, the airs were limpid, the forests and biodiversity arose everywhere.

Now that we are talking about the creation of the new Ministry of the Environment, should Christians think about the protection and care of our environment or simply ignore it, like any mundane or inappropriate topic of sound doctrine?

To clear up any doubts we will refer to the Holy Scriptures, the Psalm 104: 5 tells us that "Jehovah founded the earth from its foundations and it will never be moved"; in Genesis 1 we see that "Jehovah created the heavens, the earth, and everything in them." Creation, then, was not a quick, routine, or sequential procedure as we can suppose; on the contrary, it demanded much wisdom, patience and love from the Almighty, who makes all things perfect. We must also remember that "the human being was placed in the Garden of Eden, to cultivate it and take care of it", as it says Genesis 2:15.

In the early days there was no hunger, disease or death; man lived in harmony with his God and the nature that He created. Since Adam, the many civilizations that have populated the planet, living in many cases far from God and his laws, used and treated natural resources in their own way, without worrying about caring for them for future generations, that is, they did not take into Consideration of the value of water, air, land, forests, and biodiversity, in short, the preservation of life.

When European sailors arrived on the shores of our indigenous America between the 15th and 17th centuries, they found crystal clear and healthy sources of water in rivers, lakes and seas; the fields were fertile, the multiple fruits of the earth met the nutritional needs of the population, the airs were limpid, the forests and biodiversity arose everywhere, just as the Creator ordered. Despite the limited samples of knowledge, the modus operandi and the technology of the natives was simple and straightforward, above all, not polluting or degenerative, being respectful and grateful to the Pacha Mama provider.

In 2008, the great advances in science and the advances brought by globalization have left us a country with more than 51% poverty and 20% in extreme poverty, where anemia and malnutrition affect a large majority of Families and endemic diseases do not stop their deadly actions, for referring to public health that does not interest the State. The airs in the atmosphere are no longer transparent, but instead show sinister colored mists that darken the daylight and exhale the unpleasant smell of industrial waste, the endless emission of exhaust gases from airplanes, ships, automobiles and the petroleum engines, plus emissions from factories and industries. The protective ozone layer has been compromised by warplanes, satellites, rockets, atomic weapons and technological experiments such as depleted uranium projectiles used in the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Greenhouse Effect, which has generated unpredictable climate change, continues to advance by leaps and bounds, with no one capable of stopping it or having the will and power to control it.

While the Andean glaciers are rapidly melting, rivers such as the Rímac, former habitat of plankton, micro algae, fish, mollusks and crustaceans, today receive liquid and solid waste from cities, factories, industries, the lethal tailings from mines, agrochemicals and other substances; making it increasingly difficult and expensive to supply good quality drinking water for cities, affecting irrigation water and the reserve for livestock. There are several rivers such as the Mantaro, whose water quality will be difficult to improve due to the overload of foreign elements. The consequences of contamination by cyanide, mercury and other substances that are drunk or that have been deposited in food, are illnesses that are difficult to cure, such as diabetes or cancer; while the business for the powerful pharmaceutical industry, mostly transnational, has been unbeatable. The city of Cerro de Pasco is an example of what uncontrolled mining can irreversibly destroy.

We should note that the eating patterns have been changed and are promoted and governed by the projections of foreign and national importers and processors, so that the Peruvian instead of consuming their ancestral foods such as potatoes, corn, quinoa, sweet potato, tarwi, the fruits of the coast, mountains and jungle, plus the abundance of fish and ichthyological products, now consume noodles, hamburgers, artificially cooked and fattened chicken, evaporated milk, soft drinks, instant coffee, apart from flavorings, colorants and chemical preservatives. For some years now, transgenic foods have been consumed, although many ignore it, because they acquire them without noticing the precise specifications of origin, since their specification is not mandatory. According to experts, transgenic foods could cause cancer diseases or produce resistance in the body to antibiotics. (Peru 21, 10.01.08); although the pertinent organisms do not pronounce themselves.

As if it were endless or renewable resources, the valuable forests of timber, industrial and medicinal vocation have been cut down or burned on the coast, mountains and jungle, through questionable contracts with large companies dedicated to extracting and marketing mahogany, cedar and other species. The desire to manufacture houses, furniture, machines, weapons, utensils and tools has caused not only climatic changes, but also damages to biodiversity (flora, fauna, water sources (protection of watersheds) in addition to the irreplaceable microbiology. Amazonian soil has been profoundly altered by cutting down the trees to plant species of bread, however, replacing it is a process that will take many years and reforestation is still very remote.

The farmlands, traditionally fertilized with guano from the coastal islands and organic elements, now demand fertilizers and agrochemicals (imported), which leave harmful toxic residues that are drained into rivers, lakes or the sea, also warning the decrease in agricultural fertility. Emissions from the production of drugs from the coca leaf create serious alterations to ecosystems, and their control is very complex. At present, the planting of sugar cane and other species to obtain ethanol is being promoted as "agro fuel", which means that far from feeding our people, ethanol will be obtained for automobiles. The construction and equipping of gas pipelines (Camisea) and oil pipelines (Perupetro) in La Selva have left irreversible damage to soils and waterways. For some it is a profitable activity with a good benefit / cost ratio, but in social terms it represents fewer possibilities for work, nutrition and development of traditional agricultural activities.

Based on these simple definitions, Christians should assume a posture of prayer and defense for the life of the next generations, which is seriously threatened by the various factors of pollution in the air, waters, land, forests and our invaluable biodiversity. The Kyoto Protocol indicates the dangers of global warming and plans to reduce toxic emissions, but powerful countries refuse to sign and comply, despite the warning messages everywhere to protect our planet, which becomes space. vital. In Colossians 1: 19-20 We find: “Because the Father was pleased that all fullness would dwell in Him and through Him, to reconcile all things to himself, both those on earth and those in heaven, making peace through the blood of his cross. ”.

* Ricardo Quiñones Aranda is an Agricultural Engineer

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