Transgenics, New Order and Misery

Transgenics, New Order and Misery

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"The Fukuyamazo"

They say that socialism failed, yet very few cough up its legacy, without facing a beating at the polls, a general strike or paying the riot police, overtime and wages.

It is a fundamental slogan after the fall of the Soviet bloc, to prop up the so-called New World Order, which erupts with more virulence after 9/11 and is consolidated with the military occupation of Iraq, showing its most disgusting, detestable and fascist faces.

Economic absolutism, political unilateralism and military hegemony. "The" Holy Trilogy "to which we must submit and worship", sentence Saúl Lewites (1). The main consequence is the crisis of the Nation-State. The matrix democracy.

There we have the example of Spain in the war in Iraq. During the weeks leading up to the occupation, the Craze was blatantly usurped from 92% of the demos who were against the Chapapotera War.

In the Costa Rican Caribbean, the demos live in a situation of poverty and exploitation in the hands of transnational banana companies. Cracy is in the hands of a government that turns a deaf ear to a battered, impoverished and humiliated demos.

And examples would be thousands. The constant remains. Change the shape. The place, the date and the choreography. Democracy has no place in this New World Order. Nothing for the people and above without the people. Everything seems to be under control, although is it really so?

On February 14, 2003, in more than 85 demonstrations, seven million Spaniards unified their voices in a clear No to war! Aznar did not flinch.

In Costa Rica, comrades unionists, environmentalists, grassroots Christians, civil servants, etc… unified around the Emmaus Forum, in search and fight for the rights of banana workers. That the politician on duty does not pay attention, is something else.

It is so true that the New Order usurped the Democracy from the demos, is that the demos wants to usurp the New Order from the Democracy. You want a more socially just world. Diversity. Participation. Peace. Love. Respect and tolerance. Bread and earth. Those victories hurt and cannot be missed. He dreams of definitively unifying the two Greek words.

GMOs in a demo without cracy.

GMOs do not produce more than conventional crops, and according to the FAO, hunger has increased in recent years; as well as the hectares destined to transgenic crops increased. Curious (: -o). The technocrats proclaimed that the former would decrease with the increase of the latter, but really, food continues to expire and dust in the shops of southern countries, simply because the population does not have access to it.

Therefore, to understand the role and fate of GMOs in this New World Order, it is necessary to previously understand that these organisms do not emerge as a solidarity and humanistic blessing, but quite the opposite. They break in as corporate products, the sole purpose of which is for a few to profit exaggeratedly, while monopolizing food in the world. Under this premise, it is easy to deduce that transgenic crops and foods will swarm like a fish in water, under the foothills of the New World Order.

In the economic sphere, neoliberalism becomes the doctrine of the New Order (Economic Absolutism). Neoliberalism is the queen mother of hypocrisy, the greatest lie ever told, and a unique opportunity to cheat before the law.

Neoliberalism means suppressing and eliminating all kinds of barriers to trade and the economy. One of them is the Nation-State, since it has traditionally directed and managed the economy in order to improve the quality of life of the demos. But in addition, neoliberal agreements and treaties (FTAs) leave the mere economic field, to manipulate other "sacred" and untouchable areas for society, such as education and health. The state usurps its role as facilitator of the most basic rights and services for its people. Now, these must be profitable or privatized. Then who can buy them.

Neoliberalism must allow the entry, cultivation and consumption of GMOs, since it puts economic and commercial debauchery before any other premise. The risks for farmers in southern countries will be the following:

1-The multinationals will overwhelm, overwhelm and deceive farmers into using transgenic seeds. This maneuver is key and can be made up with spectacular meetings, succulent lunches and distorted speeches by bourgeois scientists and technicians. They can be masked behind a supposed aura of solidarity, through NGO projects, state programs, foreign financing and multilateral organizations. They will use the same nonsense as always: greater production, reduction of herbicides, etc ...

2-Once deceived, the intellectual property laws - a fundamental issue of the FTAs ​​- that protect transgenic seeds, will bind and distress the farmer by signing contracts.

3-In the FTAs, it is established that any maneuver that seeks to reverse the contracts or agreements reached may be denounced in international courts.

4-Multinationals will be able to patent traditional seeds, which together with patents for transgenic seeds will guarantee the monopoly. They may even handle the trade of both products in the future. Food will remain in the hands of the multinationals, gradually disappearing the Food Sovereignty of each country.

5-The introduction of non-traditional transgenic crops among small and medium farmers will need intermediaries to transfer them to the international market. These intermediaries are those who buy low and sell high, enriching themselves and impoverishing the farmer.

6-GMOs do not always produce more, although they do raise costs. In this situation, the farmer would have to increase the sale price to win. But it will not be able to do so, since the subsidized products from the United States, Europe, etc ... will be able to be obtained cheaper, due to the disappearance of the tariffs in each country.

7-The elimination of tariffs will reduce the state's income, which will make it difficult to modernize agriculture to make it more competitive and attractive in national and international markets. The state will be supplanted in many of its traditional functions, so the farmer will have to face new challenges, patents, asymmetries and regulations, alone faced with large multinationals, economic interests and subsidized and unfair competition.

8-The farmer will face a new culture of production, which will make him more dependent on the multinational. Subsistence agriculture, indigenous seeds, traditional methods, etc ... will be in danger of extinction.

9-You will observe astonished how your crops and your work is rejected and despised by society and consumers. For this reason, many importers, supermarkets, restaurants, etc ... are avoiding transgenic foods. There will be no demand.

10-The farmer and the public in general, must suffer and pay for the damage to the environment caused by GMOs. Although initially it can reduce them, it will have to face the gradual increase in the use of agrochemicals, when the respective pests acquire resistance to them. They will have to deal with the "super weeds" and suffer the consequences of contamination and genetic leakage.

The new and emerging transgenic biopharmaceutical crops (2) will turn your plot into a real and dangerous chemical industry, susceptible to contaminating and transmitting these substances to other crops in an uncontrollable and unknown way.

11-The investments to be made by any of the large multinationals, will practically not be subject to any restrictions, nor will they have to converge in any type of National Development Plan. The "National Treatment" for foreign companies will allow them to compete on equal terms with institutes, universities and local institutions, before any project related to food and agriculture.

12-In the future, farmers could be forced to sign insurance for damage to third parties, caused by their GMOs to other normal crops.

13-They will have to suffer astonished and extremely poor, the peculiar and bureaucratic protectionist and phytosanitary regulations that the northern countries establish, while forcing the southern countries to liberalize their agricultural market and scatter before the entry of subsidized products from the north.

Civil society and the different environmental movements, consumers, etc ... we applaud, defend and support the new European Directive on traceability and labeling. Now, it is necessary to analyze with a scalpel, the great schism between the poor and rich countries in agriculture, to find another meaning to this directive.

Southern countries demand the elimination of export subsidies and direct aid, which farmers in the North receive from their governments, especially large landowners and agricultural entrepreneurs. According to the World Bank, these subsidies reach 310,000 million dollars. They also demand the abolition of tariffs, which prevent access for their products in northern markets. According to data from the World Bank, tariffs that make southern products more expensive, depriving them of any appeal to the consumer, amount to 100 billion dollars (3).

At the last WTO summit in Cancun, the great fraud of neoliberalism became clear. The southern countries were grouped in the G22, demanding that the United States and the European Union free up their agricultural market. They presented a minimal and very opaque proposal to reduce some export subsidies and that is why Cancun failed. No agreement was reached, although sooner or later, the rich countries will have to agree something with the poor, otherwise they want to lose important cuts in other areas.

Therefore, it is necessary to find alternative ways to control the importation of agricultural products, which can compete in better conditions with local production.

The European Union is clear about the progress of transgenic crops and foods. He knows who his main competitors are in agriculture, he knows that they can bet on transgenics, that they are very difficult to control and that they can leak and contaminate non-transgenic productions. Therefore, if GMOs are legislated, the market can be controlled.

This dimension of the European directive would be enhanced by rumors such as the possible disappearance of the de facto moratorium. In addition, transgenic organisms are being promoted from Europe, in spite of that kind of cold war waged against the United States, which has been cleverly decorated as a romantic fight for European Food Security.

This double standard of the European Union would allow it, on the one hand, to expand "its" GMOs, and on the other, to control the entry of food, extending a very well disguised protectionist barrier in the face of European society, which would be opened or closed according to supply and domestic demand for food.

Another example is the United States, the Mecca of the New World Order, which also has a law in place that will allow it to dose and manage the import of agricultural products. Called the "United States Bioterrorism Response, Preparedness, and Public Health Security Act," it will take effect in January 2004.

With the already typical boring and psychotic antics of the terrorist threat, now, the Vatican of the New Order speculates that the attack against the North American homeland could come in the form of food. For this reason, controls and measures must be established for the importation of groceries.

In the coming and going of statements in the framework of the FTA negotiations between Central America and the United States; the United States Under Secretary of Commerce for Market Access and Compliance, William Lash, went so far as to say referring to this law that "... it is made to ensure that genetically modified foods entering the United States do not constitute a danger to its people ..." (4) . (: ->)

Does Mr. Lash mean that the millions of hectares of transgenic crops grown in your country are rich and nutritious, while the few that are produced in Central America are harmful? Is Mr. Lash saying that North American multinationals can sell seeds to Central American farmers, which once converted into food, can constitute a danger to people? So why do they allow their multinationals to market them? Or do you think that Central American governments and companies have indigestible transgenic patents for their citizens? How can it be that the country that has the little shame of introducing transgenics not suitable for human consumption in food aid, now talks about food security? How can it be that the country that threatens and blackmails the countries that reject GMOs, now, is he who rejects them? How can it be that the country that denounces others who supposedly take sanitary measures in this regard now takes them?

And at the bottom of this whole question, the only thing that exists is the ambition on the part of the two strongest economic blocs, to dominate the food of the world through their companies. GMOs represent the model to follow because they increase the revenues of their multinationals and eliminate from the farmer (and by extension, from other mortals) any control, independence and decision-making capacity over their crops and food.

However, both blocks must also safeguard their local protection, in order to avoid crises in their agricultural sectors. Tariff measures and subsidies are in question and showing the double standards of real neoliberalism. Therefore, alternative paths must be sought and, paradoxically, both blocs have chosen to legislate the entry of GMOs, as a non-tariff protectionist measure that will allow their imports to be dosed.

And in the meantime, farmers will be reduced to their bare minimum. They will have to face the ups and downs of the market tied by patents, drowned by costs, crushed by credits and trapped in new technological packages. In the worst case, the non-tariff barriers will become insurmountable Chinese walls, causing them to lose everything. (: - (

For consumers, GMOs in the neoliberalism of the New World Order, will mean the erosion and progressive loss of food security. The superposition of corporate interests to national ones will be total. The figure of sovereign governments will undergo a metamorphosis, transforming into cold and distant conglomerates of white-collar puppets, which will allow the massive invasion of transgenics, both in the form of crops and in the form of food. The free market will allow economic interests to usurp even more citizens, the instruments to consume in a safe and free way, facing the increasingly eloquent risks of transgenic crops and foods. The consequences will be the following:

1-The main one lies in the health risks derived from the consumption of transgenics. These risks are multiplied with the phenomenon of Genetic Filtration (For more information read my article entitled "No, no and no" (5)), by which transgenic traces can appear involuntarily, unknown and inevitably, in normal foods and crops. The Star Link Corn case illustrates the seriousness of the matter, as it is not suitable for human consumption and yet it managed to seep into the human diet.

2-Faced with any risk to human health, consumers will lack information or it will be manipulated.

3-North American food products will invade international markets, competing and displacing local products. This happens because that country subsidizes its agriculture, its technology is more advanced, its products are more competitive and the agreements it signs with other countries clearly benefit it. Therefore, markets will be full of North American products and foods, filled with transgenic material inside.

In Mexico, since the entry into the FTA with Canada and the United States, corn imports from the United States have multiplied by 17, leaving hundreds of thousands of farmers in poverty. This also means that since the signing of the FTA, Mexican consumers are more easily exposed to consuming transgenic corn imported from the United States.

4-Food colonization or the genesis of the "Republiquetas Soyeras". Since the Argentine fields were filled with Monsanto's transgenic soybeans, media and institutional campaigns about the wonders of this food have multiplied, despite doubts about its safety. Therefore, it will not only be enough to create the offer. Demand will also have to be created. Although the food and safety of millions of people are deceived and gambled (6).

5-With the invasion of transgenic products, consumers will acquire food products, which will continue to be crammed with all kinds of pesticides and chemicals.

6-The opening of markets will allow food westernization, with the infiltration of new and varied pre-manufactured products, which will carry transgenic ingredients inside.

7-The state can be greatly diminished in its functions of informing, intervening, legislating and preventing. Any attempt to meddle in the business of multinationals that promote GMOs could end in a trial before an international court.

In fact, rooms have already been created for the so-called "dispute resolution" between the parties (for example, between a state and a multinational). The World Bank finances the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The WTO has a Dispute Regulatory Body, formed in each case by between three and five people designated by the parties involved and the WTO itself. The dispute is not open to the public and some resolved cases show that the judgments issued by both bodies are based solely on commercial and economic criteria signed in agreements and treaties.

Imagine that a country refused to import and cultivate GMOs, given the doubts that these generate for people and the environment. The WTO, arguing that such a ban is an obstacle to free trade, could force it to forcibly import transgenic crops and foods, risking the health of its citizens and the environment. And as a deterrent, the WTO could establish sentences and sanctions for a country that violates free trade, and whose only crime was to protect its citizens from imminent risk (7).

Observe how the laws, governments and courts of a country (legislative, executive and judicial power), are relegated by neoliberal agreements and their "Conflict Resolution". I still remember in primary school, when the teacher explained to us that in any democracy, the three powers must be independent and separate. Now, in the XXI century, the WTO legislates, executes and judges. (:-(

At the social and political level, the decadence of democracy and the renewed dictatorship of capital (political unilaterism) have usurped the demos any active and decisive participation in this debate. The statistics speak of a clear rejection of GMOs and yet we already have them on our plates. The opinions of civil society are systematically ignored. The spaces are hermetically sealed.

The lords of the New Order put multinational capitalism before the will of the demos, which was privileged by the cracia. They promote and sign the laws that allow the cultivation, consumption and free transit of transgenics. Like parrots, they repeat the supportive and hopeful arguments that multinationals have previously made. They turn a deaf ear to the rest. They ignore them as they rejoice. Accusing them of going against progress. They prefer the economic profit of the multinationals, to the precautionary principle and security for their people. The environment is not questioned. OMC the Father, OMC the Son, OMC the Holy Spirit.

They do not show an iota of interest in establishing controls and measures. Not even labeling. They tolerate and encourage misinformation and ignorance. They not only ignore society, but also independent and dissident scientists. They come to chase them. So that they shut up. Ask Pr. Pusztai. They function as automatons in the face of the instructions given to them by the New Order. They perfectly fulfill their historical function. Alienate the demos and steal their cracy. Vendepatrias. No more no less.

As in any dictatorship, propaganda plays a decisive role. The Reverend New Order continue to color and direct the information as they please. They buy paid spaces or Opinion pages, to tell us transgenic benevolences. The big media corporations are part of the sect. They are censored if they step out of the fold and censor themselves to better compete. Like any market product in a capitalist world, if the demand demands knowing the intimacies of Letizia and Felipe, the journalistic offer goes there without thinking. Promoting passivity. The abduction. Indifferent towards the gravity of a world fed by transgenics, or a world without political access to generic drugs. They subsist on advertising. "Buy rich GMO grapes for this Christmas." Full page and in color. Who pays, rules. The consequences on the event page. Independence and freedom? Don't fuck with me.

Faced with such a panorama, the left and society feel overwhelmed by the excessive work that the New Order imposes. The first is kind of out of place. He has lost self-esteem. It needs to mutate and adapt. The second is perplexed, hypnotized and wandering at the speed with which events are happening in this New World. Meanwhile, GMOs are filtered into their baskets to be consumed. Some of their NGOs put survival before the cause. They act like companies. Competing among them, to see who offers the most amazing solidarity pills. They are bureaucrats. Gentrified. Politically correct. Bland. Impenetrable. His clients are partners and activists. The product is solidarity, direct action and struggle. If there are customers who buy the product, the NGO and its Board of Directors subsist. Otherwise they go bankrupt.

And in the solid totalitarianism of the New Order, this errant work undertaken by the left and by society can become useless and inoperative, with the risk of leading to wear, despair and boredom.

Will Iraq in the next few years be a world power in the cultivation of GM crops? If the answer were positive, it would be demonstrated that the military hegemony of the New World Order will facilitate the consumption and cultivation of transgenics.

In principle, if USAID-donated food aid arrives, rest assured that it will include food with transgenic material. (More information read my article entitled "When dictionaries run out of words" (8)). Then, you have to look closely at those companies that settle in Baghdad with the new regime. It may be that, hidden among the multinational oil or construction companies, biotechnology companies appear with their patents and their seeds, ready to fall on the Iraqi farmer. Possibly, in the plans of the great Reverend Bush, the invasion of Iraq had a much wider range of intervention than oil.

If later, the panorama calms down and allows the work of certain NGOs, be careful with those of dubious origin that develop programs and projects among farmers.

In the dialectic he uses in New Order to refer to the future of Iraq, the term reconstruction is consciously used. Ultimately, regardless of whether it is in the hands of North America, a prefabricated Provisional Assembly or the United Nations; such reconstruction is nothing more than westernization.

Apart from the western administrative features, soon, in Iraq McDonald’s, cell phones and the more common brushstrokes of the unique culture will flourish. As a friend told me, Disneyland will be the cultural attraction of the future, to the detriment of the historical treasures destroyed during the occupation.

In Nicaragua, for example, it has already happened. The hope and illusion of a revolution was erased through a synthetic civil war, designed from the laboratories of the CIA, which returned power to the right. Today, thirteen years later, Nicaragua is a poor country, but with an exorbitant capitalist mentality among its people. Military supremacy and oppression led to servile governments that have facilitated the westernization of the country.

Therefore, military hegemonism will establish governments and regimes that will blindly serve the interests of the New Order, abiding by its directives and guidelines. The victim countries will be westernized and will enter the circuit of dependent countries. GMOs will come in the form of food and crops because the new rulers, established with the blood and suffering of the people, will not serve the national interests but the economic, geopolitical and power interests of the New World Order.

Military repression will not be the only one that the "Reconstruction countries" will suffer. Farmers, once tied to the contracts and patents of the multinationals, will have to put up with the secret police who guard the fields and intimidate them (More information read my article entitled "When you see Percy's beard cut, put yours to soak "(9)). Although it seems surreal, Monsanto has a kind of police force that observes the movements of the farmer, takes samples of the crops and with its presence alone, it commands respect and distress. Its ultimate purpose is that no farmer violates the clauses of the contracts or takes advantage of the "intellectual property" of the multinational. If this happens, the next link is "legal repression". And if the judicial system fails in favor of the farmer, it will always be possible to "resolve the controversy" to establish jurisprudence, thus demonstrating who is the strongest.

It is hard to believe that Reverend Bush invents weapons of mass destruction in a country, given its refusal to grant licenses for transgenic crops. But it is neither impossible nor far-fetched.

Until a few years ago, the world lived without oil. But forever, the world had to feed. The transgenics guarantee within the New Order, the control of food and this is not just a business. Food is an instrument of submission and power. What will a starving country not do to feed its people?

70% of the world's poor live and depend on agriculture and their food. They eat part of it. The other is exchanged for detergent to wash clothes. Another part is given to the community teacher, because he does not make it to the end of the month. And the rest, they sell it to buy medicines, notebooks and clothes. How about dominating the whole shed?

Arguments exist. Therefore, it should not be ruled out that the chemical weapons of the future will place them in countries that avoid transgenic crops. Of course, Bin Laden will have been seen in those countries and, of course, something will have to do with 9/11 2001.

And speaking of Eleven and September, the New Order should not forget 1973. Prophetic words resound, which were recorded in the demos and in history. Analgesic for rabies, for every Iraqi child killed. For each TLC. For so much shit. Fuel for millions of people who climb the mountain of history day by day, in search of avenues to pass freely through. Everybody. All. Without exception. Without GMOs.


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