April 22: from Earth Day to Earth Night

April 22: from Earth Day to Earth Night

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Many, many years have passed since that day when nearly twenty million Americans, organized by the later Senator Gaylod Nelson, made the greatest demonstration of the ability of that people, to pressure their leaders when they are really determined. It was a fact only comparable with the demonstrations for the end of the war in Vietnam. On that day, the people of the United States joined in their fight for a healthy and sustainable environment.

Thus, massive protest activities were organized from coast to coast. Thousands of colleges and universities demonstrated in the streets for the creation of an environmental agenda, against a deterioration of the environment that was already more than evident in cities drowned in their own smog, and rivers that caught fire due to the amount of combustible waste discharged by the industry.

In those times a difficult future was already looming.
The demonstrations were joined by thousands of other organizations, groups and individuals who had been fighting, each one separately, over local problems such as oil spills, pollution produced by factories, power plants, mining, toxic waste, pesticides, the undeniable loss biodiversity and species extinction, among many other issues. And they found in the union, the way to give an incalculable force to their protests.

Many years have passed since those first mass demonstrations and paradoxically, the country where Earth Day was celebrated for the first time seems to be determined to plunge it into the longest of nights. And is that the United States is the largest producer of CO2 on the planet, responsible for the largest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. And he is not willing to lower them, if that could affect the profits of his big companies.

For years, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) assured that, (with 90% scientific certainty), human beings are the main cause of global warming since 1950. And the remaining 10%, What we could call "doubtful" although it does not really exist, was obtained after much pressure from the representatives of the most destructive of countries, whose president continues to deny the very existence of Global Warming.

The main objective of Earth Day is to make us aware that we have been abusing natural resources for decades and that they are being depleted, that human activities are causing serious consequences at a global level, with effects that we are already beginning to suffer. It aims at environmental education, and participation as environmentally conscious and responsible citizens.

On Earth Day, a holiday that is not regulated by a single entity or body, each and every one of us is invited to participate in activities that promote the health of our planet, both globally, regionally and locally.

The "Night of the Earth" has already begun, but we owe it to future generations to try at least to make it less bloody. Let's take care of our house on Earth Day and the other 364 days of the year. Let us act with environmental awareness, social awareness and above all with love for life.

Ricardo Natalichio

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