You can't stop your head, try burning laurel

You can't stop your head, try burning laurel

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Formerly, humans made more measured use of pharmacology and to treat their ailments they resorted to equally effective and more natural remedies to treat them, while strengthening their immune system, resistance to pain and the strength of their mind.

One of the remedies used was laurel for its relaxing power on our mood.

A little history

The Greeks and Romans used this plant for more than just making the famous laurel wreaths. Already at that time its calming, expectorant and relaxing effects were known to relieve inflammation and congestion.

Laurel properties

The laruel has various active principles and essential oils in its leaves, such ascineole.It has antibacterial, antitussive and anti-bronchitic properties.

Not to mention its recognized digestive and liver properties, capable of improving digestion and reducing gas when added to meals.

As if that were not enough thelinannool, another essential oil present in its leaves, has great relaxing properties and, therefore, is very useful to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as to combat headaches and migraines caused by these types of disorders.

How to use

To benefit from them, simply burn a dried bay leaf on a pot or burner, allowing its smoke to spread throughout the room. We should not inhale the smoke, but it should perfume the environment, just as incense does.

It is important to carry out the burning safely, on a clear table and without flammable objects, because when dry the sheet ignites easily.

In a matter of minutes, after the release of the aromas, you will begin to feel its relaxing power, just as the Romans did.

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