Choose the color of the food, to stimulate healing

Choose the color of the food, to stimulate healing

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Anthroposophic nutrition specialist, she directs the Zuhaizpe Vital Health Center and explains to us the importance of the subtle energies of food through color.

We spoke with Dr. Karmelo Bizkarra about the subtle energies of food, basic to maintain balance and health but still very unknown, and about the art of healing with anthropological medicine and nutrition. At the Zuhaizpe Vital Health Center, of which he is the medical director, not only come people who want to regain their health but also those who need a vital change. There, Karmelo Bizkarra and his team propose a personalized health program in which nutrition is essential.

Does food contribute something that we are not aware of?

In the shape and color of food there are subtle energies that we extract when we eat them. I always recommend eating shape and, above all, color. Antioxidants are in the pigments of foods. The shape is also important. For example, the pumpkin has more mass than it forms; On the other hand, a nut has a lot of shape and little mass, it is less expansive, more mineral.

What does the shape of food indicate about its health potential?

A shape such as cauliflower, which expands, is not the same as sesame, almost without mass, more contracted and mineralized. The pumpkin has a lot of water and growth capacity. This capacity, when incorporated into us, helps the etheric body, also called the energy or vital body. Leaves a different imprint than a small seed.

And when is a food with one form or another recommended?

In anthroposophic medicine it is recommended that in the meals there be root vegetables, stems and leaves, and flowers and fruits. Because each part of the plant acts on different areas of the body.

As for colors, what makes them help maintain health?

The recommendation would be to eat all the colors of the rainbow. Introduce the range of reds, which is more physical, and that of blues and violets, the most ethereal and subtle. If there are digestive problems, Brazilian doctors recommend papaya, which is orange. We use carrots and squash a lot, because they don't have a lot of hard fiber and they are easier to digest.

[mks_highlight color = ”# d7cce2 ″] Tricks so that food does not lose color when cooked [/ mks_highlight]

[mks_highlight color = ”# d7cce2 ″] One of the problems that vegetables present when they are cooked is that they lose a very appetizing aspect: the color. This happens for various reasons. One of them is oxidation, which happens when they no longer have their protective layer or skin and come into contact with the air; you identify it because they start to blacken. [/ mks_highlight]

[mks_highlight color = ”# d7cce2 ″] Another factor is overcooking. When a vegetable is cooked for a long time, it loses its natural color, especially those that are green and end up being brown. Color and heat don't usually get along very well, but there is a trick for that. [/ Mks_highlight]

[mks_highlight color = ”# d7cce2 ″] To avoid the natural oxidation of vegetables, put them peeled in a bowl with water and lemon; You can also substitute the lemon for fresh parsley. [/ mks_highlight]

[mks_highlight color = ”# d7cce2 ″] Another solution is to bring the cooking water to a boil and cook the vegetables. Once cooked, transfer them to a bowl of ice and water to stop cooking and prevent further cooking. In this way you will have vegetables with a nice and appetizing green color. [/ Mks_highlight]

According to Rudolf Steiner, vegetables have spiral energy fields that help us in healing ...

Romanesco cabbage, for example, reflects those spiral fields. Something that Steiner said when he shaped biodynamic agriculture is that the lower part of plants, the roots, are in contact with the earth and collect the mineral; the trunk has to do with the influx and travel of water and sap; the leaf, with light and air; and the fruit, with the heat. We have there the four elements of nature. The day will come when we will apply the light of food to each disease or to each person according to their character.

Eating vegetables is eating light?

When I take a piece of firewood and set it on fire it is as if I am giving off all the solar fire that it has collected in the tree. When eating food I must realize that it is ultimately solar. Plants are tied to the earth by their roots, but their growth is the search for heat and light from the Sun.

How do the stars influence vegetables? Does its content change according to the astral phase of the harvest?

Yes, totally. In biodynamic agriculture there are times of planting roots or sowing or harvesting… At a full moon, the water from the earth rises towards the tree, towards the sap, and when this water decreases it goes back towards the earth. It's like a big breath. The plant inspires in the first quarter and exhales in the last quarter.

What are the "living foods" capable of regenerating us?

Vegetables: fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, a certain amount of legumes ... bearing in mind that in principle the raw should abound. Healthy foods must have a lot of water, because 70% of the body is water. And fruits and salads are the ones that have the most.

What changes can be made to promote healing?

Eat color, and this is concentrated in fruits and vegetables. There is hardly any in meat or fish. On the other hand, when a food is cooked it loses color. If we eat raw - it would be my second recommendation - we will incorporate those antioxidant pigments. Third, eat consciously, give yourself time, turn off the television, disconnect the phone ... With that, the subtle energies of food enter directly through your mouth.

By Montse Cano

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