Signature against the very dangerous Bay-Santo merger (Bayer and Monsanto)

Signature against the very dangerous Bay-Santo merger (Bayer and Monsanto)

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The planned merger between Bayer and Monsanto, Bay-Santo, to become the world's largest seller of pesticides would prove catastrophic for farmers, consumers and the environment. We must activate the power of citizenship to stop this disastrous merger.

If Bayer, one of the world's largest chemical and pesticide producers, merges with Monsanto, the world's largest seller of genetically modified organisms and seeds,a large part of our food will be designed and controlled by this new agro-industrial giant[1].

We have published a scientific study together with our partners [2], according to which the proposed merger should be prohibited according to EU competition law. As you can imagine, Bayer and Monsanto are fighting with all their might to get approval. The only person who can stop them is the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager!

Vestager has already shown courage in the fight against the big multinationals, so it could be our ally. He recently stood up to Amazon and Apple, demanding that they pay their taxes. In addition, it has previously shown its reluctance to give the merger the green light. Let us support Vestager so that he does not cease in his determination!

At this point, the We Move Europe community has the power to tip the balance.In any political decision, an argument supported by facts carries much more weight if it has broad support.

The study

The study, conducted by experts in international competition law from University College London,explains how Bay-Santo would come to control our entire food system. Their claim is that farmers buy everything they need from a single multinational. Bay-Santo's main products will be genetically modified organisms, seeds and pesticides, although it will also offer fertilizers, digital equipment and agricultural machinery.

Their promise: You get better results when you buy everything from one source. What they hide from us:farmers will become dependent on a single multinational, which if it decides to raise prices, will leave farmers with no alternative.

With the merger, Bay-Santo will find new ways to take advantage of its position, for example,designing genetically modified seeds that are not capable of producing new seeds and that are resistant to glyphosate-based herbicides. The result: vast fields of monocultures (also known as green deserts) and poisoned food.

The conclusions of the study are overwhelming.Even if a strict interpretation of EU competition law was carried out, which prohibits market concentration in the hands of a few companies,the Bayer-Monsanto merger should be blocked.

Our community has been fighting Monsanto and glyphosate for 2 years, and in this time, we have come a long way. Some say that Monsanto and Bayer are planning this merger in an attempt to stamp out the bad press that Monsanto has. We have already shown them what happens when citizens fight together and we know that they are concerned about what we can do.

Today we have the opportunity to show you again that we will continue to fight for sustainable alternatives for our agriculture, our environment and the quality of our food.

Sign our petition to show Vestager that there are many of us who are opposed to the merger. The commissioner will hold a public hearing in the coming weeks and we want to give her more than 250,000 signatures against the merger.

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With hope,

Virginia and the rest of the We Move Europe team.

PD: The researchers note that the merger will most likely "pose a threat to food security, biodiversity ... and to the affordable price of food, its quality, variety and innovation."If we unite, we can prevent the merger!

[1]… (pdf)
[2] Our partners are Friends of the Earth-Europe, SumOfus and Food and Water Europe

October 2017



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