NASA works on a space greenhouse for sustainable cultivation on Mars and the Moon

NASA works on a space greenhouse for sustainable cultivation on Mars and the Moon

These space greenhouses that are being worked on from the Prototype Lunar / Mars Greenhouse project [Prototype of lunar or Martian greenhouse] aredesigned as part of the life support system of astronauts, which would function in a kind of closed circuit by which one and the other would contribute to each other. Thus, on the one hand, the carbon dioxide released by the astronauts would be channeled towards the crops that, in turn, would convert it into oxygen that professionals in space would use, who would also obtain fresh food throughout the year, thanks to this innovation.

Among the challenges to carry the idea forward, which have not gone unnoticed neither by the researchers of the American university nor by the scientists of NASA, figurehow to ensure plants have the water they need. If the place where the greenhouse is installed does not have a nearby water source, this resource would be taken from the mission while, if it can be obtained in situEither as ice or liquid water, it would be captured right there. This resource, of course, would be oxygenated and enriched with nutrients to be applied slowly and continuously on the roots of the plants.

Another obstacle to overcome would be the survival of crops exposed to radiation without an atmosphere to protect them. For this, the initial plan goes throughfully bury greenhouses so that they are protected and have the necessary conditions for the growth of food. The challenge that this poses for the light that plants need to grow is intended to be solved throughLED lighting or natural light transported by optical fibers through hubs.

At the moment, the tests of these greenhouse models have been carried out on the ground, so there are still steps to be taken to reach the goal that the scientists are pursuing. However, what has already been possible is that astronauts from the International Space Station carry out tests with some of the main challenges that growing food in space presents, an aspect that has been experienced with the growth of fresh products since 2014.

If we continue in-depth with this research, it will not only be the astronauts who will benefit from these advances (although they will do so more directly).The ability to control air pressure and fully understand all its limits can have a direct effect on power on the ground, for example for the preservation of fresh products for a longer time.


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