Trains in the Netherlands now run on wind power

Trains in the Netherlands now run on wind power

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In 2015, the Dutch train operator partnered with Eneco, the energy provider company, to achieve a specific goal in 2018: that all its electric trains run completely on wind power. And this week they announced that they achieved their goal, a year earlier.

The question is, how were they able to pull it off at such a rapid rate? The answer is that they increased the fields with windmills in Holland. After running for an hour, a mill can generate enough power for a train to travel 120 miles (193 kilometers).

600,000 daily passengers can now enjoy the comfort of the train with the relaxation that they are taking care of the environment. It is estimated that these make about 5,500 daily trips, and the energy would be all covered.

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Video: Clean energy; wind mills which power all electric trains in Netherlands. (May 2022).


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