UK bans junk food advertising aimed at children

UK bans junk food advertising aimed at children

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The new rules, which will take effect from July 2017, extend to other media the already existing ban on television advertisements for “foods or beverages high in fat, salt or sugar”, or HFSS, as they are known by its acronym in English.

The Commission on Advertising Practices (CAP) justifies the measure by citing a report that reveals that British children between the ages of 5 and 15 already spend more time on the Internet than watching television.

The coordinator of the organization Children's Food Campaign, Malcolm Clark, welcomed the decision: "CAP has finally heard the voices of parents and health professionals, after years of resisting imposing tougher measures."

At the same time, Clark and other activists advocated going further and extending the measures, citing as an example advertising on theoretically adult shows, such as late-night television talent contests, but which are very popular with children. .

In addition, the British authorities plan to levy a special tax on soft drinks, despite opposition from manufacturers. The UK has some of the worst obesity figures in Europe. According to the latest data, only in the case of England 31.2% of children between 2 and 15 years old are overweight or obese.


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