Fog catcher: the Peruvian project to provide water from the mist

Fog catcher: the Peruvian project to provide water from the mist

By Lidia Salsadella

Through this video, learn about this innovative invention by Abel Cruz, an environmental engineer, in which he takes advantage of the humidity of the fog to provide drinking water in almost desert areas.

In Pampa Colorada, between Arequipa and Moqueda, there is no water, but there is mist. In this desert place this project is being carried out, with which by means of meshes, they trap the humidity of the mist that, when condensed, falls into gutters that lead it to the containers. In one day it is possible to extract 400 liters of water and in this way 350 families are benefiting.

The Association "Peruanos sin Agua" was founded in 2004 with the objective of providing water to the poorest areas of Peru. The objective is to install 3,000 Fog Catchers and thus convert desert areas into fields for crops and productive activities.

Abel Cruz, environmental engineer and founder of the association "Peruanos sin agua" is also the designer of a system that condenses the fog called "Atrapaniebla". It is capable of extracting up to 400 liters of water per day.

It should be noted that this association does not have the help or support of the official government, however, at this time, steps are being taken to obtain financial help from the Dutch government.

This technique is being practiced in other regions such as the Atacama desert in Chile, on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands Archipelago, in Eucador, Nepal and some countries in Africa.

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