350 volunteers planted 5,000 trees

350 volunteers planted 5,000 trees

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Costa Rica witnessed one of the largest new tree plantations, this time in Siquirres de Limón. In this sector, about 350 volunteers planted 5,000 trees of different native species, in a private reserve located in Bajos del Tigre in Santa Marta de Siquirres.

The objective of this seeding, which took place the previous August, was to offset the carbon emissions that would be generated at the Adventure Travel World Summit, which was held in Alaska.

For the organizers, the activity would generate large amounts of polluting gases, including those generated by airplanes and by transport from the hotel to the Summit.

For this reason they decided to plant the trees, which in the future will capture 1,200 tons of carbon, equivalent to what would be produced at the event, according to EARTH University.

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