Seed of salvation

Seed of salvation

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By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

Between hugs, smiles and words of love, it is possible for a sperm to evolve into a flower full of peace, affection and humility. It is possible to win the monumental existential race, without burning the adversaries with uterine traps. And it is possible to be born in absolute freedom, to be reborn as the prophetic prophet of an angry mob.

Let us not forget that nothing is impossible to achieve in life, because we are the brilliant cunning of the warrior, who awakens the solar plexus of the worst darkness, to accept and face without any flash of fear, all the problems and all the challenges to come.

We know that envy always wants to destroy the prose of the angels, with an infinity of praise from the distant twilight, who try to break the pen and dry the inkwell of your own destiny. But we never give up, because there is no harm that does not come, because we inherited the galactic wisdom of Galileo, and because surrender belongs to the tragic kingdom of cowards.

There are people who have happiness in the palm of their hands, but they do not tire of traveling the beautiful geography of the World, with the sole intention of wiping out all the dreams of the poet, and with the sole ambition of making him the most versed martyr, more trained and more unmotivated.

Despite enjoying all the comforts and luxuries of the Universe, there are individuals who live emotionally dissatisfied, and are spiritually empty inside. Genius hunters are always on the verge of suicide, because the dose of selfishness and ignorance that eats away at their body and soul, is blocking the three eyes of solidarity, altruism and empathy.

They could use their wealth to plant a tree, to adopt a mongrel dog, to clean a park, to repair a wheelchair, and to dress the homeless man. But unfortunately, the majestic material resources always corrupt the blessed natural resources, and whoever is free from sin today, let him dare to cast the first stone tomorrow.

They say that the greater the misery, the greater the promise of mercy. It is a great relief to know that after hitting rock bottom, there will be a Good Samaritan who will help you in the dark, heal your wounds, and bring the dawn back. However, the planetary reality that we contemplate daily shows us that the greater the misery, the greater the guarantee of extreme poverty.

It is very easy to pray, sing and preach biblical stories, from the screen of a Hollywood sofa, from a silver Roman altar, and from a paradisiacal Caribbean garden. But when the psalms and verses rebel from the magical book, and decide to tear the pages of magical fantasy, then they must go barefoot into the streets without a penny in their pockets, they must break their backs working to feed their crowded families, and they must sweat the bitterest drop of divine betrayal.

Affirming that no one is better than anyone else, that we are all equal, and that life is a carnival, makes us the best blasphemers sinning in a global blasphemy. The same lie idolized by the despair of a conscience, which plays to be the step by step of the absurd and totalitarian truth.

For this reason, every day the children who suffer from hunger multiply in the streets of Latin America, while the exquisite warm breads that have just come out of the oven multiply. Everyone buys the tasty smell of the bakery, but you don't want to give the orphan a piece of bread. With that bread you will not get rich, and without that bread you will not become poorer, but until we are the same mouths of the orphans, because we will continue to be the same greedy people of yesteryear.

Sadness, despair and loneliness can be seen on their faces. It would have been better to abort the maternal fetus and avoid suffering, because the hypocrites who defend the sacred right to life are the same Pharisees who never give a muffin to the orphan.

It is not justified to generate a million victims every nine months, so that the lack of Sex Education is paid for with a list of perpetrators, in an anonymous umbilical ordeal that will not listen to relaxing lullabies, that will not enjoy heavenly banquets at the table of the Eden, and who will bleed screaming on a Sunday without resurrection.

They are not to blame for such bad luck, and we do not deserve the fortune of such good luck.

It is known that the supermarkets of our localities discard a large number of food products, which, although they were not purchased by capricious consumers, were still in edible state for free distribution, because the expiration dates had not expired.

The logic of mercy asks us to give those leftover foods to the homeless in the neighborhood, because common sense is a noble demonstration of gratitude. But the damn logic of capitalism asks us to throw that leftover food in the garden of limbo, because not even gratitude is marketed for free to customers.

We never ask for forgiveness on our knees, for all the cold perversion we create daily, but we need the aggressive process of chemotherapy to give us back the stem cell of a wonderful future to go.

We all wish for a better future and a new heart in life. A heart to praise and serve Mother Earth, that is as clean as crystal, as sweet as honey, and as strong as a host. But our dear Pachamama does not get tired of crying out loud because of the Human Beings, who have hearts as dirty as money, as sweet as revenge, and as strong as hatred.

Let us cry with joy all that resentment, all that frustration and all that pessimism, that we cannot continue to deny and that we must not continue to be silent. It is difficult to recognize our legendary chain of errors, but if we really want to stop offending, stealing, gossiping, killing and flying through the roof, then we will have to admit and confess that we are rude, thieves, gossipers, murderers and some drug addicts.

Let us remember that there are no eternal mansions in heaven, that there are no blind courts of justice in purgatory, and that there are no blazing fireplaces in hell. There is only a beaten Planet Earth that falls apart, and a Humanity that sanctifies or curses its fleeting sidereal existence, with each social action or personal inaction that defines its earthly life.

It is there that faith moves mountains, so that other mountains lose faith. A very simple reflection of life. You just want faith to move those messy mountains, to find clarity and find success in life. But remember that when faith moves those clumsy mountains, to clear your sight and open the way to success, other mountains will get in the way and block the way for another mountaineer.

You do not care about the cross that the other mountaineer carries on his back, so you are not interested in his pain, his failure and his defeat. You just want to reach the top of the mountain first than others, take a spectacular selfie first than others, and savor the pleasure of victory first than others.

That is why they say that faith is the certainty of what is expected, and the conviction of what is not seen. We have never seen the value of helping without expecting anything in return. Everything we do in life, we do it hoping to get a reward. An ovation, a coin, an erection. We live filling the chest of time with green bills, with nights of sex and with plates of food, but we can never hide the terrible indifference, which rots the great treasure of the fellowship.

To avoid the echo of indifference, every day faith moves its precious mountains. From top to bottom and from left to right. Faith comes and goes. It is an unpredictable feeling. Note that mountains always vary in color, region, climate, height, and route. But do not forget that those mountains will remain the same mountains, regardless of color, region, climate, height, and path.

We all want to enjoy the gift of immortality. Nobody, but absolutely NOBODY, wants to lose the consecrated gift of life. American, European, Asian, African and Oceanic. Everyone wants to live forever and ever. But sadly, we have allowed the unfortunate gift of rivalry to keep us imprisoned in endless battles full of tears, weapons and desolation.

If we blame proud Cain, we would also have to blame David, finally blaming Eve again.

It is obvious that when everything goes smoothly, we all appreciate the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit. But when the lepers knock on the door of our house, we wash our hands like Pontius Pilate himself.

The prostitution of faith is the evil of evils in the 21st century. We see that many Hispanic people put a spelling accent on the word faith, thinking that faith is written with an accent. No one understands the conventional rules of accentuation, but everyone feels that faith must be reinforced with the accent mark.

This is how faith is not based on explicit laws, but on the implicit need to believe, with a huge blindfold.

We cry out for healing, we ask for mercy, and we ask for compassion. We have tattooed the image of a double standard, who eats meat without caring about the torture of the animal in the slaughterhouse, who attends the Holy Mass of the Church with the wife of others, and who exercises intolerance by wearing his own shoes.

For example, there are people who claim to be the ultimate protectors of human rights, repudiating the chilling death sentences that include the electric chair, the lethal injection and the guillotine. But when that criminal who deserves a second chance in life, was in charge of stabbing and killing the mother, the wife, or the daughters of the maximum protectors of human rights, we are sure that they will demand justice and demand the penalty. death, so that the damned criminal receives the martyrdom of the electric chair, chemical poisoning and the guillotine.

When they judge us without knowing us, and when we judge without knowing them, we are building a dangerous fury in the environment, which generates an outburst of indignation in our Latin American peoples, allowing violent protests, public lynchings and verbal genocides, to take away our gift of being worthy and living in dignity.

There is no doubt that homosexuality is as great a blessing as heterosexuality. Sexual orientation is expressed naturally in each organism, and should NOT be classified as a stigma, which makes us superior or inferior to others. What is really important in life is the human quality that the person manifests, avoiding the capitalist vice of dishonesty, and underlining the humanist ideal of tolerance.

Therefore, we are a holistic tangle that withers with each mistake, and regenerates with each baseless prayer. A simple sack of bones, dedicated to preying on broken hearts, so that the cancer theory is the beginning of the end.

The sterile history of approval is exacerbated when we lose our best friends, who did not want to visit us in the hospital, who changed the digits of their phone numbers, and who were thirsty wolves disguised as little red riding hood.

Forgiveness is the key to germinating a new seed of salvation. Our will cannot be so weak, like a spring leaf in the forest. We must discard the trash mentality acquired by religion, which is systematized in rewarding or blaming the supreme deities, for all the triumphs achieved or for all the mistakes made.

On the contrary, we must begin to build an authentic philosophy of life, in which we are the only owners of the path to be spun. Let us ripen the fruit of social, environmental and cultural responsibility, so as not to continue blaming third parties for our own fault, so as not to continue polluting the environment we inhabit, and to not continue denying bread to the unfortunate.

We all share the same boat. The orphan, the envious, the poet, the gossip, the leper, the good Samaritan, the drug addict, the murderer, the autistic, the thief, the king and the centipede. Years passed, and we did not know how to control the same boat. Years go by, and we don't know where the ship is sailing. Years will pass, and we will be left with a ship adrift.

Many compatriots have already drowned in the depths of the sea, and the rest of the merchantmen refuse to ask for help at sea. They are still waiting for a miracle to calm the wave of crisis, but the tempest of the storm has sprung up more gray hair, more wrinkles and more ashes.

Everyone wants to steer, but no one knows how to swim against the current. Everyone wants to be the captain, but no one has a voice in command. Everyone wants to get to dry land, but no one has learned to walk.

That is the beauty of art. A bitter drink of life, it becomes a source of hope.


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