Solar energy: Spain is the world upside down

Solar energy: Spain is the world upside down

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When the whole world in general and the EU in particular (to which Spain does belong and therefore should follow its general directives, not just pay them fines) opt for supporting renewable energies, the attitude of our leaders resembles more and more to that of crabs: they retreat much more than they advance.

Zapatero bet and lost

And it is that everything has been done wrong from the beginning. Nobody fails to recognize that the initiative of Zapatero and his government in 2007 was pioneering: to promote and subsidize the installation of solar panels in order to exploit an indisputable wealth: for a reason Spain is the country that has the highest incidence and hours of sunshine in all Europe.

But of course, beyond the money promised and delivered, important outlays had to be made, because the technology was expensive and that was paid for by each of the Spaniards who risked believing in a cleaner world and in self-dependence on energy, your own pocket.

So he bite the bullet and the savings of countless families were added to the solar energy boom, with some rules of the game that were fairly clear (there was some fine print, but it was bearable).

It is important at this point to remember that in the course of the years solar energy technology was modernized, it was the result of several innovations and as is obvious, when something becomes popular and also does it worldwide, costs go down; in fact, today everything that has to do with the installation of solar panels is between 60 and 80% less than 9 years ago.

But returning to the issue, when the crisis began, the one that the PSOE government never dared to recognize and therefore did not take any "official" precaution in this regard to mitigate it because it did not exist, the Minister of Industry José Sebastián, had already begun to cut premiums and subsidies, with excuses like little strange.

The sad era of Rajoy

Then the elections came and in the period of electoral promises and the search for votes, no one spoke of the crisis and yes that cuts were not going to be made, much less in the sectors that were considered "fundamental".

And everyone took for granted that solar energy should be at the top of this list of privileged sectors, since it was one of the pillars of Spain being at the forefront of the world in terms of production of energies from renewable sources.

But they were wrong about everything: in believing that there would be no cuts (or tax increases) and in trusting that the new government, this time in the hands of the PP, would follow the guidelines of the whole world and would opt not only to continue supporting, but also to further promote renewable energy.

The new government was in charge of making good use of the scissors, reaching into almost everything and the families that had risked found that the promised amortization was going to waste, along with the pre-election promises, health, education, the few subsidies that remained and a handful of rights for which our grandparents fought hard.

And if this were not enough, last year the former minister Soria (the one who had to resign as a public liar and corrupt private) came to the fore to defend the ineffable Sun Tax, a product of the PP ministerial "kitchen"; For the record, this nickname is the result of popular inventiveness, because the minister and the RD spoke of "consumer toll."

While Soria defended it by distorting reality with a nose that was stepping on it, the whole world shook its head sadly, laughed softly (some did it openly and uproariously) and Spain fell crashingly in the ranks of generation, growth, attractiveness for invest and install renewable energies.

And what we have left…

The year 2015 was tragic and decisive for the renewable energy sector in Spain, since practically no improvements or growth were experienced, especially in wind and solar, thanks to the policies to support self-consumption (with “aid” like this , who needs cuts) as not a single wind turbine was installed.

In conclusion, everything was done the other way around and the perspective is that things remain the same or get worse. If Rajoy continues to be president, unless the opposition remains firm and comply with what they agreed and promised after the failed first elections, to repeal the Tax on the sun and other atrocities, surely the government will manage to make renewables sink even more. They have plenty of experience and just one button to show them.


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