Super 73, the electric bike with a motorcycle look

Super 73, the electric bike with a motorcycle look

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Its creators, as you can see, like wide wheels, 4.25 inches wide by 20 high. It is a configuration that, a priori, seems somewhat heavy to move simply with pedals, since the set exceeds 29.5 kilos, but as an electric vehicle it will surely be liked by many people.

The design is special, as are its accessories and possibilities: there is a place to place a bottle, an LCD panel, lighting, and a USB port to charge the vehicle.

The performance of the 1,000W motor is remarkable, being able to propel the Super 73 up to 48 kilometers per hour. To stop it, disc brakes have been chosen on both axles of the vehicle.

The battery is located under the seat, and can be removed to take it when we leave the vehicle parked. With it you can travel up to 32 kilometers at once, or lengthen that figure much more if what we want is pedaling assistance. Either way, it will take us 3.5 hours to fully charge it.

How much? At the moment it is within a Kickstarter initiative, and it asks for $ 1,800 for the Super 73, but its final price will rise a lot if they manage to turn it into a real "motorcycle / bike": $ 2,999.

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