Paradise or doom

Paradise or doom

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This documentary made by the Venus Project details the root causes of the systematic disorder of values ​​and the damaging symptoms caused by the current established system. It outlines an alternative to aspire to, in which human rights are not only proclamations on paper but also a way of life.
The Venus Project presents a vision not of what the future will be but of what it can be if we apply what we already know to achieve a new sustainable world civilization. It calls for a direct redesign of our culture in which the old problems of war, poverty, hunger, debt, and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but as completely unacceptable. Settling for less will result in the continuation of the same series of problems that we encounter in the world today.
The Venus Project presents an alternative vision of a sustainable world civilization unlike any political, economic or social system that has existed in the past. Visualize a near future where money, politics, national and individual interest have been gradually eliminated.
Although this vision may seem idealistic, it is based on years of study and experimental research. Covers areas from education, transportation, clean energy sources, to complete urban systems

Video: The Battle Cats - Doom Paradise Insane (July 2022).


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