Ecovillages are multiplying in Europe and Spain is leading the trend

Ecovillages are multiplying in Europe and Spain is leading the trend

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An alternative and sustainable community lifestyle, that is how the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia defines the basic concepts that are conquering the Spanish and that leads them to move away from the hustle and bustle of large cities.

If some observers have pointed out that the phenomenon coincided with the crisis of sources of employment and the economy in general that Spain suffered, other sociologists respond that even though it is true, it is also that many no longer want to return to the errors of the past with a life devoid of any experiential stimulus and only limited by absorbing consumerism.

Further, other idealists also lead the ideas of forming more ecovillages, on the basis of trying to stop the ecological crisis or abandon energy dependence as we know it.

A new way of seeing reality

The Iberian Ecovillage Network thus appears as "the oldest and most consolidated in all of Europe", as it already has about thirty initiatives that make up community settlements as diverse as they are real.

"There is no single profile and the initiatives walk between the spiritual and the socio-political," says Kevin Lluch, spokesman for the Iberian Network, to La Vanguardia, a psychologist by profession who left Seville to undertake his visions some 17 years ago. Their dreams became very small, self-managed communities, which are financed with what they produce and supply from what they grow, whose members share tasks and decisions, carrying forward the banner that "another society is possible."

The ecovillages already have hundreds of inhabitants throughout Spain, and the coordinators claim to receive dozens of emails every month, from people interested in developing in this way of life. With average age profiles between 20-30 years old, but with people over 60 interested, the movement grows at the expense of “conventional citizens, who consider a new reality after social failures with capital letters. The message of 'I'm fed up with my life' is among the ones I receive the most, ”says Lluch. "There is a tremendous effervescence to break with individualism and competitiveness and live with more awareness", sentence.

The Epoch Times

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