PlanetSolar, the largest solar boat in the world

PlanetSolar, the largest solar boat in the world

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If you see PlanetSolar dock at a port near your city, don't be surprised. It is not a UFO or anything like that. It is a boat like any other, but with some other peculiarity such as feeding through solar energy, which makes this giant the largest ship in the world that can move thanks to renewable technologies.

Measuring 31 meters long by 15 meters wide and a photovoltaic surface of 500 square meters, the "PlanetSolar" is the first boat that has been built with these characteristics and with which it is wanted to demonstrate the possibilities of renewable energies.

Developed by an international team of engineers, physicists and shipbuilders, the energy to navigate is obtained from some 38,000 solar panels, which have an efficiency of at least 22 percent, the highest of those on the market.

Equipped with two carbon propellers twice as large as normal for a ship of its size and which will also act as a rudder, the catamaran is powered by four electric motors with a power of 176 kilowatts, although with an ideal consumption of only 20 kilowatts per hour.


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