Supermarkets stop delivering bags for free

Supermarkets stop delivering bags for free

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As of this Friday, the new system of plastic bags will take effect in the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

The president of the Chamber of Supermarkets and Supermarkets of Córdoba (Casac), Benjamin Blanch affirmed that this measure pursues the objective of "reducing the consumption of bags", for which he was confident that it can be achieved.

Based on an ordinance approved by the Deliberative Council, starting this Friday, all supermarkets and department stores in Córdoba will begin to charge 40 cents for each plastic bag, in order to reduce the costs of garbage collection and protect the environment.

"People who do not carry, are going to be forced to buy the bags they need. Which in turn will be a good bag that can be reused," said Blanch.

In this way, the new bags to be sold will be larger and more resistant, with twice the micron size of the previous ones according to the parameters of the Iram 13610 standard. The intention is that they can be reused by consumers.

Although there will be two types of bags, one green for dry waste and the other black for wet ones, there is still no differentiated waste collection system in the city of Córdoba.


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