Evo begins a campaign to plant two thousand trees in Chuquisaca

Evo begins a campaign to plant two thousand trees in Chuquisaca

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In the framework of the My Tree afforestation and reforestation campaign, in the municipality of Yamparáez in the department of Chuquisaca, the arborization of 2,000 seedlings began.

President Evo Morales started the activity yesterday and once again summoned the population to plant a tree once a year.

The work began very early, together with national and departmental authorities and volunteers who joined the reforestation activity in the Chuquisaca municipality. Two hectares of land are available for this purpose.

Morales, after starting the activity by planting trees, called for the first leaders of the world to have a similar initiative and in this way contribute to caring for the environment.

"I would like to see presidents in reforestation to take care of the environment," declared the Head of State.

According to the information provided by the Minister of Environment and Water, Alexandra Moreira, various species are being planted in several municipalities of the country, such as radiata pine (introduced species) and the native molle, willow, ceibo, broom and tarco. This citizen mobilization will last until March 2016.

Likewise, he announced that they will soon travel to the municipalities of Rurrenabaque (Beni) and Pailón (Santa Cruz), it is not ruled out that a similar activity will also take place in La Paz, before the President begins a tour of Europe.

Almost half the surface of the Bolivian territory has forests, more than 50 million hectares, and it is the fourth country with the largest forest area in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the state company ABI.

Morales announced at the World People's Summit on Climate Change that he will fight a tough battle against climate change

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