Manure, from source of contamination to producer of biogas

Manure, from source of contamination to producer of biogas

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The agricultural activity is a source of gas emissions that contributes to the pollution of the atmosphere. However, this could decrease by converting the organic matter that generates it into biogas, whose combustion is even cleaner than that of natural gas; environmentally friendly process, according to El Mercurio.

The media adds that livestock manure can become fuel raw material, such as waste from the processing of fruits and vegetables, among others. To obtain methane of biological origin, in addition to the fermentable raw material, a biodigester is needed, a hermetic reactor where it is generated anaerobically, and accumulates, the fuel that will be used, for example, to generate heat for kitchens and water heaters or to feed a electric turbine.

As a by-product, the manure waste, when treated, is freed of the nutrients that attract insects, becoming biofertilizer used in fields. The process also manages to reduce bad odors, he explains.

This method is efficient and available to inhabitants who live in isolated rural areas that today do not have a supply. The production of biogas is versatile, as it depends on the amount of waste to be used and the size of the biodigester installed.

As reported on its website ACERA, the Chilean Renewable Energy Association, in Chile a significant contribution to the use of non-conventional renewable energy is the extraction of biogas from garbage dumps. It is subsequently processed and used commercially as a component of city gas in Santiago and Valparaíso.

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