Plantations are NOT forests!

Plantations are NOT forests!

The world's forests are being destroyed at an overwhelming rate.

In September, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO holds the World Forestry Congress in Durban on the ‘sustainable future’ of forests.

Policy makers also participate in the event dominated by the timber industry. FAO's approach is linked to a fundamental error: it defines forests as a mere area covered with trees. Thus, forests can be razed and replaced with rubber plantations, or highly biodiverse temperate or subtropical forests can be cut down to make way for sterile pine or eucalyptus plantations - and none of this would be classified as 'net deforestation'.

If the industry uproots pastures or takes and converts peasant lands into industrial monocultures of trees or green deserts, that for the FAO is "reforestation."

FAO therefore refuses to define forests by their biological, social, cultural and spiritual diversity while promoting the expansion of large-scale industrial tree plantations at the expense of real communities and forests.

It promotes false solutions to climate change by considering forests as mere carbon stores. They even call genetically modified eucalyptus plantations “forests”. Environmental groups, social movements and scientists have rejected this deficient definition for years.

During the World Forestry Congress, Salva la Selva will confront together with other environmental organizations from around the world the business-oriented model of the Congress.

We will meet in an Alternative Program of Civil Society to discuss the real causes of the destruction of forests and those responsible. Please support the petition that we will deliver to the World Forestry Congress.

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