The current ‘predator’ economic model is responsible for serious environmental diseases

The current ‘predator’ economic model is responsible for serious environmental diseases

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"All major and serious environmental diseases have the prevailing dominant and sole economic model as the main responsible," said journalist and writer Joaquín Araújo, winner of the Global 500 prize, who believes that human beings are responsible for the main problems that affect the environment.

This was stated on the occasion of the inauguration of the 'IX Sustainable Meetings: agriculture, food and the Environment', which are being held within the framework of the summer courses that the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) organizes every year in its Carmona headquarters, and of which the journalist Ezequiel Martínez is also the director.

According to Araujo, the growth of the urban, the speculative, consumerism and extractive processes are the origin of global change, warming, extinctions and "the growing ugliness of this world and the immorality of humanity."

In relation to the main problems that affect the environment, Araújo, who is also a farmer, has declared that the most serious continues to be the consideration by the majority that it is a minor issue and that it bothers the claim of much more comfort and consumption for all.

"If you add that there are still too many who consider that they have an unlimited right of use and appropriation of all the surrounding components, the result is what we know. It is the way of thinking that harms the most since for humans everything begins in the thought ", he stated before warning of the depletion of some of the basic resources for human survival if current levels of consumerism continue.

Likewise, he stated that what is surprising is that the dominant ideology forgets that physics and chemistry, geography and ecology, but not least poetry and ethics, "have shown infinitely many times that vivacity and what makes it the most crucial, exciting and scientifically compelling topic out there. "

Araújo has argued that it is possible to harmonize social and economic development with respect for nature, although he has admitted that much study and emulation of the models that have already been shown to work correctly, such as renewable energy or organic farming, is needed. "What's more, it is possible that respect for nature makes us more supportive and convivial among ourselves. It is a magnificent school of pacifism and reciprocity," he assured.

The naturalist has just written a book that will be released next fall under the title '99 recipes to avoid devouring the world ', among which stands out "don't wait for anyone, you are the solution" and "you have to choose between being eaters or accretors ".

In the journalist's opinion, "voluntary blindness" is one of the main reasons that allow the destruction of nature, from which everything that it provides can be used "without diminishing it, but even increasing it", to conclude with a rhetorical interrogation : "Who gives more, consumerism or a voluntary austerity that seeks, like nature itself, the continuity of life?"

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