Paraguay: Let's stop the world's fastest deforestation together!

Paraguay: Let's stop the world's fastest deforestation together!

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Porai Picanerai, Ayoreo leader If their land is not protected, it will be a catastrophe for the Ayoreo. One of the companies has been caught red-handed, but no charges have been brought against it.

We need your help now to stop the companies involved.

In the last 20 years, our collaboration with the Ayoreos has managed to successfully protect more than 150,000 hectares of their land.

We need you now to help us achieve so much more.

Please send a message to the Attorney General of the state of Paraguay and urge him to take action against the livestock company Itapoti S.A. Cut and paste the following text in your email to send a message to Javier Díaz Verón: [email protected]


Dear Attorney General Javier Diaz Verón: The livestock company Itapoti S.A. illegally invaded the land of the Ayoreo indigenous people in the Chaco.

In April, a team of state attorneys verified that Itapoti S.A. he had done illegal work on Ayoreo land.

However, no action was taken against the company and the case, under the jurisdiction of lawyer Armin Echeguren, has not been resolved.

The Ayoreo's right to their ancestral land is recognized both by international law and by the Constitution of Paraguay.

In 1997 and in 2014, this indigenous people saw the ownership of their land recognized, but Itapoti S.A. continues to violate these rights. I urge you to resolve the case and bring the company to justice.



If you have five minutes, please write your own message as it has much more force.

If your email is returned, you do not need to notify us.

It is likely that the recipient has blocked the reception due to the flood of protest emails received.

And it means the campaign is working!


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