The Moon in You: A Too Well Kept Secret

The Moon in You: A Too Well Kept Secret

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La Luna en ti from marjorie sa on Vimeo.


“There are those who believe that menstruation is incompatible with sex. Some people think that it causes flowers to wither, fruit to fall from trees, and the sun to disappear. And to make mayonnaise, let's not even talk! "

Diana Fabiánová learned as a child that she should never tell a man when he was menstruating. Time passed and he realized that he did not have to be ashamed of a physiologically normal fact that has nothing dirty or impure.

75 minutes about menstruation in a documentary film that shows a clean look at this taboo that has to stop being so.

Diana, like so many women, has been suffering from painful periods for years and every month she asks the same question: "Why so much pain and discomfort if I am healthy?" The director thus began to look for other ways to understand menstruation.

It was through Slovakia, Brazil, Spain, Australia, USA and the United Kingdom. She interviewed doctors, anthropologists, sociologists, psychoanalysts, gynecologists and other experts such as the psychotherapist and world leader in women's health Alexandra Pope or Morgaine, Celtic Reclaiming priestess.

Puts menstruation on the table. The taboo subject, which should not be discussed, even considered as a cause of relegation of women to the role of sick and invalid person is brought to light.

La luna en ti is the debut of Diana Fabiánová as director and Jerónimo Molero as producer. It has been four years of work to create a documentary that has old spots and plasticine and 3D animations to explain the life of an egg.

In Gotham (New York) he had a Special Mention from the jury and in Malaga they will collect an award within the parallel section for his reaffirmation of women's rights. Olivier Samouillan and Pierre Bats, from have composed the music for the feature film and its distribution in Spain is done by Karma Films.

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