What is a rocket stove and how does it work?

What is a rocket stove and how does it work?

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By Kurt Castro

The "rocket" or "rocket" technology is a model for the construction of stoves, heaters and kitchens that aims to take advantage of firewood efficiently, ensuring complete combustion and maximizing the use of heat.

In addition to reducing the amount of wood in relation to a conventional heater, it also reduces the emission of smoke almost completely and reduces the expulsion of carbon dioxide into the environment.

The "rocket" stoves incorporate a simple high temperature combustion chamber that contains an insulated vertical chimney, which ensures 100% combustion before the flames reach the cooking surface, in fact in 1982, Dr. Larry Winiarski already it described the principles used in this technology.

This system also has a direct impact on the care of the forests, since it uses little firewood in addition to reducing smoke to almost zero.

On February 20, 21 and 22, the center for sustainable development "Huelemu" will hold a course in this regard where attendees can learn the principles of these heaters, in addition to building a "rocket" stove.
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