How to make natural cat litter stones

How to make natural cat litter stones

By Lucila Benito


  • Old newspapers or papers that you are going to throw away
  • Water - Biodegradable soap or detergent
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • 2 large containers
  • A strainer Instructions

1. Shred the paper.

2. Fill a large container with warm water and a little soap. Add the paper and wash it well. Let it soak until it has a consistency similar to that of oatmeal.

3. Drain the pulp with the help of a strainer.

4. Put the pulp in another container with clean water, add baking soda and knead the pasta. Wear gloves when doing this to avoid damaging your hands.

5. Strain the excess water and form small paper balls with your hands. Leave them on a platter or rack to dry.

6. When the paper rocks are dry, you can use them to fill your cat's box.

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