Edible coffee cup. Zero waste.

Edible coffee cup. Zero waste.

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What is the edible coffee cup?

Created in collaboration with Italian coffee company Lavazza, the mug seems like the perfect way to combine a cup of coffee and something sweet without any residue. The edible cup has a taste similar to an ice cream or cookie cone, and the inside is lined with a special type of powdered sugar that insulates the inside of the cup, making it waterproof while sweetening the drink.

Two advantages stand out over the rest, Zero waste and less water consumption by not having to be washed. It is a much more sustainable way to enjoy a coffee. It is not known yet when it will be available and how much it will cost, but the brilliant and simple design has already had enough awards.

We can find some other variants of edible glasses or cups on the net, such as that of chef Dominique Ansel and his Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Although if we keep looking we also find edible cutlery, like these that are ideal for our edible cup of coffee: ecookies, cookie spoons for coffee.


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