The best anti-mosquito plants, to be able to enjoy your garden

The best anti-mosquito plants, to be able to enjoy your garden

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We try to scare them away in every possible way because when they get into the room and they don't let you sleep ... you can stay up all night because of their buzzing and their dreaded bites. I'm talking about mosquitoes, those enemies of people by nature because they suck our blood and leave us the bite so annoying. But they are not only annoying indoors, if you have a terrace, garden or balcony and you like to enjoy it ... you will also know what it is like to have annoying mosquitoes near you.

Inside your house you can put commercial anti-mosquitoes to scare them away and not bother you, but what happens when you are outside? Then you should think of other methods, even if you don't want to use chemical products in your home or repellants on yourself, you can opt for other more natural options ... adding anti-mosquito plants to your decoration that will defend you from wanting to feed on your blood.

Do you want to know some of these plants?


Who does not know lavender, its color and its characteristic shape? Well, mosquitoes know it too and they don't like the smell it gives off at all. Considering how beautiful this plant is and the aroma it has, it is a great option to put around your home to ward off mosquitoes!


Basil is a plant that gives off aroma without its leaves having to crush. The best basils for mosquitoes are lemon basil and cinnamon basil. If you are outside you can take the basil hours and rub them on your skin to create a natural repellent, on the other hand if you are inside your home with the windows or doors open, I advise you to put one (better several) basil pots where you think mosquitoes can enter.
In addition, basil gives off an aroma that helps relieve mental fatigue, so if you want to study with the window open ... don't hesitate to put basil in your study too!


Citronella is a powerful natural repellent because it gives off an odor with a lemony touch that mosquitoes don't like at all, but flies don't like it either, so it will also be great to scare them away. It gives off such a strong odor that mosquitoes find it difficult to find our scent to attack us, so we are “camouflaged”.


Another of the plants that is ideal to scare off mosquitoes is catnip, also useful to scare off cockroaches. It is also known as catmint, catmint or cat basil, although more than being famous for its anti-mosquito property, this plant is known for the effect it has on cats, who are very attracted to it.


Another super effective plant to repel mosquitoes is calendula, which is capable of avoiding various garden pests.

Lemon geranium

Its small, star-shaped leaves give off a pleasant lemon scent that instead repels flies and mosquitoes. This outdoor plant does not require too many waterings and, in addition, it withstands the effects of the sun quite well. What is necessary is to protect it from frost.

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