7 plants for pest control

7 plants for pest control

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The borage it is a great ally when it comes to scare away some caterpillars such as cabbage and tomato. By planting borage around these crops we ensure that the caterpillars do not get near them. We can also take advantage of the borage leaves, which are a succulent leafy vegetable.

The catnip It will help us to prevent the attacks of the potato beetle and will drive away the pumpkin bugs. Although as you know you have to be careful with this plant if we have a cat in case. Some cats are very sensitive to catnip and go crazy about it. It can produce a severe psychomotor disorder.

The GarlicActually, any type of allium, grown near the plants we want to protect, will scare off Japanese beetles and spider mites. You can also place garlic cloves between the barks that cover the soil of a pot for example or make a preparation with crushed garlic cloves and water and sprinkle the soil around the plants to be protected.

The peonies they will work in our garden attracting the larvae of pests and in turn insects that are their natural predators. They are therefore a very effective weapon for pest control as well as being very pretty flowers.

The marigolds they are very effective if we grow them around the plants we want to protect. They will form an excellent barrier that will prevent the whitefly from approaching our crops.

The nasturtium It is effective in repelling beetles and bedbugs from pumpkins, it also scares away whiteflies and, as if that were not enough, snails that shy away from their smell do not like anything. A true ally to consider in the garden.

With the sunflowers We will drive away aphids and ants from our garden. And also with elegance and beauty. We can use many plants that will help us to prevent pests from entering our garden and at the same time they will give us their beautiful flowers.

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