Positive substitutions in times of crisis

Positive substitutions in times of crisis

By Oriol Avila Montesó *

A short summary of change tips for better safety and well-being could be:

1. Substitute red meat for oily fish (tuna, anchovies, salmon, sardines, etc.) rich in omega 3. Although it is better and we recommend a vegetarian diet.

Diseases of the circulatory system are the leading cause of death in the western world, and omega-3 fish oils help very effectively to prevent these diseases. More information on omega 3 can be requested from the Center for Naturopathic Studies.

Also, several studies carried out in the US show the relationship between red meat and diabetes 2 (in adults), the origin of so many serious health problems.

2. Substitute honey or stevia for sugar.

White sugar is a precursor to such dangerous diseases as diabetes, obesity, candida, heart disease, cancer, etc. It is true that the body needs glucose for the proper development of its functions, but it can be obtained (artificial sweeteners lack glucose, but they are not without risks) through honey, stevia (which has 30 times more sweetening power than sugar) or the consumption of sweet fruits of eco-biological origin.

White sugar is simply refined glucose and lacks the essential mineral salts and vitamins naturally offered by honey, stevia or fruit, especially dates or dried figs, with 65% fructose.

On the other hand, it has been shown that cancer cells feed on glucose, so limiting its consumption is the best prevention and weapon against cancer.

3. Substitute soft drinks, colas, alcoholic beverages, etc. by pure water.

It is true that these drinks in the first minutes stimulate the nerve centers of pleasure through the artificial production of dopamine, but at the cost of increasing the loss of calcium through the urine (causing osteoporosis), magnesium (muscle problems) or zinc (prostate ).

Water is the best natural solvent and detoxifier. Dr. Batmanghelidj states that you need at least 1.5 liters a day of water outside of meals to stay disease free. Freshly made natural fruit juices are the best option when the available water does not offer enough guarantees.

4. Substitute cow's milk for oat, almond or rice milk.

In general, adults (sometimes even very young ones) lack certain necessary enzymes or enzymes, lactase, to digest animal milk. For this reason, animal milk favors the appearance of fibroids, ovarian cysts, allergies, asthma, cataracts and other eye problems, sinusitis, otitis, tonsillitis, arthritis and even cancer.

Oat milk is very nutritious, recommended for those who do a lot of exercise or for the elderly or young people in development. Very rich in B group vitamins, it helps to overcome stress, nervousness and insomnia.

Almond is by far the richest in calories, protein, fat and fiber and an excellent source of calcium and vitamins A and B5.

The rice one is the most recommended for allergy sufferers, who have high blood pressure or who suffer from digestive problems, as it is very refreshing and digestive. Among the dairy products, the most recommended is goat kefir, which favors the development of bacterial flora and fights constipation.

5. Substitute avocado for butter and margarine.

Butter is a fat that is difficult to digest, very rich in salt, which is why it is harmful to health.

Animal-based margarine is garbage loaded with saturated fat. Plant-based contains artificial additives and trans fats, well known for raising bad cholesterol levels. Both are recommended to be replaced by avocado, a wonderful fruit that provides great benefits to the human body. Already in 1939, Dr. V. L. Fernández wrote:

“Avocado is a highly digestible fat. It is the best substitute for milk, cream and butter. "

In Central America it is used as a meat substitute, and due to its great richness in vitamins A, B, D, E, and K as well as mineral salts, it is very useful in all kinds of gastric and intestinal problems, lack of energy, diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, etc.

If avocado has a drawback, it is that it is very rich in calories, so it must be consumed in moderation.

6. Substitute chicory or malt for coffee.

Coffee is a stimulant that creates dependency and excess caffeine causes insomnia, anxiety, asthma, heart and circulatory system problems, high cholesterol, migraines, osteoporosis, impotence and miscarriages, gallstones, hyperactivity and low back pain. With the roasted powder of the chicory root, a healthy drink is prepared that since the 16th century has been used as a substitute for coffee due to its similar taste and color but without its drawbacks and on the contrary it is beneficial for the liver and diabetes. Barley or rye malt is also used as a substitute.

7. Replace refined olive oil with eco-biological extra virgin olive oil.

The olive oil is extracted from the olive by crushing and thinking cold, obtaining in this operation the oil that is called first cold pressing and that is practically olive juice, the best of fats, the essence of Mediterranean cuisine .

Cold pressed olive oil is the liver, gallbladder and cardiovascular system's best friend, it prevents heart attacks, helps to expel stones in the liver and kidney, is a good laxative and because of its great antioxidant power it helps fight and to prevent various types of cancer and the so-called Alzheimer's disease.

As a result of the aforementioned pressure, a blackish fat mass remains, from which, through various physico-chemical manipulations (halogenated solvents, distillation, heat, hydrogeneration, ethylene perchloro, etc.), refined oils are obtained, in which they have been lost a good part of the organoleptic, nutritional and medicinal properties of the oils of first cold pressing.

8. Replace industrialized vegetables with germinated seeds

Vegetables, due to their richness in folic acid and other vitamins, mineral salts and fiber, are an essential nutrient in the human diet.

Today's intensive agriculture provides us with vegetables that are overloaded with insecticides and chemical contamination, and punished by transport and storage.

Each family can obtain their own fresh vegetables free from all contamination, just by germinating the seeds that can be purchased in commerce, preferably of eco-biological origin. The economic investment is minimal, since only the seeds that one likes are required, water without chlorine and a container in which to deposit the moistened seeds to cause their germination, which is produced generously after 4 to 8 days at a temperature from 21 to 25 ºC. The precious natural sprouts obtained almost free and continuously, can be consumed in the form of smoothies, in salads, sandwiches, canapes, soups, omelettes, as an accompaniment to all kinds of dishes, etc., enjoying a highly energetic, appetizing diet, varied and free of all kinds of agricultural toxins.

9. Substitute "I" for "we"

Numerous scientific studies certify that being part of social groups with common affinities and objectives is not only very pleasant but also beneficial for the physical and mental health of each member of the group. We are limited beings, increasingly in risk situations, and adversities and problems are better solved with the support of friends and professionals around us.

Sharing projects and feelings with other people allows us to enrich each other, ensure their success and enjoy more successes.

10. Replace pessimism and sadness with good humor and optimism.

Human beings have an infinite number of amazing subconscious resources to overcome all kinds of problems. Pessimism makes it difficult to find solutions, since it blocks the will to reflect and act.

As George Sand asserts, the pessimist sees a calamity in every chance.

The optimist sees an opportunity in every chance. Good humor attracts friends and with them the solution to problems.

11. Replace routine with creativity

Take the monotony away from you, do not resign yourself to just surviving. Every minute of life opens a new path for you, enter it with boldness, faith and joy and surprise with original ideas, stimulating words and actions that are novel, pleasant and even memorable, always with the greatest respect for Nature and everyone. living beings and especially people in your relationship.

Enjoy the pleasure of being free in an open and plural environment, but also critical and demanding.

12. Replace arrogance and arrogance with dialogue and understanding

Deification and pride push away the solution of problems and create a deep gap between people. The arrogant are actually demonstrating their lack of the skills that have advanced humanity, which are constructive dialogue and good relationships between people.

Those who know how to dialogue, that is, listen, give their opinion, understand and compromise, see their circle of friends and knowledge increase every day, the true and only wealth.

13. Replace the rush with meditation and study

Haste is the mother of disappointments and failures, and at the same time the daughter of improvidence.

Every day we carry out a multitude of actions and make many decisions, most of them routine, almost without realizing it.

All, even the most trivial, are susceptible to evaluation and criticism, and if improvement is necessary, which will only be achieved with prior reflection and quiet meditation on their pros and cons.

It is important to think before acting, and act with the peace of mind that you have carefully prepared the performance.

14. Substitute forgiveness for revenge

The old-fashioned but also still prevailing mind-set of an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, only leads to the perpetuation of the problems that are growing in the form of a snowball. On the path of revenge and resentment, peace is never found, so necessary for the progress and well-being of one and another.

Napoleon said: Forgiveness makes us superior to those who injure us. Forgiving is a demonstration of spiritual superiority and high-mindedness. As the Spanish playwright Juan Ruiz de Alarcón affirms, the one who forgives wins more and better than the one who avenges.

* President of the Center for Naturist Studies of Barcelona

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