PH in the Human Body

PH in the Human Body

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By Vera Daya

For the purpose of our study, we are struck by the comment made by Dr. Young, famous microbiologist and author of "The Miraculous PH", who states in his book: "When the waste products of metabolism or acids are not eliminated by Urine, respiration, sweating or defecation, in order to protect the blood, the body deposits them in the tissues so that they are then eliminated by the lymphatic system. But when this lymphatic system is unable to eliminate all these residues due to lack of exercise and poor alkaline hydration, the body begins to deteriorate and rot like a banana. " From this it follows that a tumor does not appear as a result of a disease, but on the contrary, Dr. Young continues, “it is a protective mechanism of the organ, used to encapsulate cells damaged or poisoned by excess acid that does not it has been eliminated through urination, sweat, breathing or defecation ”.

Surely these acids are closely linked to the generation of free radicals that decrease our tissues so much. It is worth noting here the adverse effect exerted by sugar, especially refined sugar, since it is the cause of something that we could call “cellular asphyxia”, because when fermented in our organism, the cells change their aerobic respiration carried out by the grace of oxygen. , towards anaerobic respiration, in which the energy levels of the cell are diminished in a considerable proportion.

In synthesis we must affirm that good health is closely linked to the PH balance in our organism, whose optimal level has been estimated between 7.35 and 7.45, understanding as acidic substances less than 7 and alkaline substances that exceed this figure, all within a total range of 14 measurements. Young ends by saying that the best way to reduce the acidity in our body is achieved with the adoption of good eating habits and especially through a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In this sense, he states textually: "When we follow an alkaline lifestyle and an alkaline diet, we begin to adequately eliminate metabolic acids from our tissues and organs, and thus we can lead a long and healthy life, free from discomfort and diseases."

Minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium form alkaline reactions in the body and are found mainly in fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, foods that contain iron, sulfur and phosphorus such as meats, eggs, dairy products and nuts, are acidity promoters.

The problem does not consist in accepting some and discarding others, because acids are to a certain extent also essential for the body, since their action is closely related to the contribution of vitamins, proteins, the supply of fats and fibers.

Ideally, our diet is composed of 20 or 25% acidic foods and 75 or 80% alkaline foods. Therein lies the true secret of health. Only in this way can we gradually create a balanced environment within our body, in such a way that it protects us from disease and cell deterioration. This is precisely one of the main virtues of fruits, since they are mostly alkaline in nature, and although some, such as citrus fruits, have an acid taste, their effect on the body once they have been metabolized is completely basic or alkaline.

Articles like this are always interesting since they let us know the perspective of a doctor specialized in the subject of pH and alkalization of the body. It is unfortunate to know that many people do not know the basic terms of the alkaline diet and do not know the damage that an acidic body causes. And even if people have an active life, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol, junk food and soda, it does not mean that they are totally healthy. Well, if they eat only acidic vegetables and fruits, their body and their health will not improve. As the doctor lets us know, maintaining a balanced pH will help us avoid the diseases that cause us the most damage. The best thing is that a balanced pH is achieved by leaving the junk diet and starting an alkaline diet. Following an alkaline diet is not difficult if done the right way.

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